Rachel has been amazing, listening to my needs and definitely saw improvement in my strength. She pushes you and makes you want to improve and be the best version of yourself each session. I went from one session a week to four because I wanted to see more improvement and enjoyed my training with Rachel. 

Helena KulitskyPT Client

 Excellent plan which suited my needs/goals very well. Rach was excellent and really responsive/ happy to chat through the many questions I had. Will certainly use again and recommend to others! :) 

Oli MacraeOnline Programmes

 When I saw Rachel I hadn't been to the gym in a very long time, so I was a little nervous to get back to it again, but Rachel put me at ease and she worked with me, showing me the safe and correct ways of using a wide variety of equipment and she set up a plan for my leg day and sent a copy to me so that I can remember the routine. I loved every minute of it, Rachel is a good Personal Trainer and will be back for sure again :) 

Lauren McGavinPT Session & Programming