Rachel Rowland
Director of Best of You Fitness Limited

Hey guys, I'm Rachel. I am the Personal Trainer for Best of You Fitness and I have been in and around the Fitness Industry for a few years. I have experience helping my clients achieve their goals by creating bespoke training and nutrition programmes for them.

A Little About Me!

I have always been active and interested in health and fitness. When I was younger I was a competitive swimmer which taught me a lot about dedication and self-motivation. I really enjoyed being a part of a swimming club and keeping fit but I was struggling mentally with how I looked as a lot of young teens are! 

Throughout my teens I struggled with wanting to be slimmer and 'toned' not actually understanding how to achieve this look. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be skinny and spent most of the years between 14-19 not eating a huge amount thinking that this is how I would achieve my 'dream body'. 

When I went to university, naturally my swimming days tapered off as access to a pool became increasingly difficult. I began going to the gym to keep active but mainly focused on cardio exercises as this is what I was used to. 

It wasn't long before I realised that this still wasn't getting me the results that I was so desperate to achieve. I then met Adam (now my fiance) and he took me under his wing and into the dreaded weight section of the gym! I found this particularly intimidating but I persisted and soon became comfortable and hooked on resistance training as I began to see changes to my body! 

Fast forward 6 years and I have completed in a few bodybuilding competitions and became a personal trainer to help others who want to increase their confidence and fitness levels!