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Welcome to Best of You Fitness! The purpose of this website is to provide you with all the information you need to become a fitter, healthier version of you!

Health and fitness comes in many different shapes and sizes. We will NOT be telling you that you should be a specific size, shape or weight! Everyones body type is personal to them, instead this website will aim to give you the tools to achieve the body of YOUR dreams! Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle and size, become stronger or curvier we will help you achieve it in healthy and attainable timeframe!

We will be giving you the tools to improve your fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing through effective lifestyle change, exercise and nutrition. We offer a range of online coaching packages for you to choose from depending on your goals so check out our Packages Page for further information. We also offer PT sessions for those of you based in or around Bristol, UK - for these and any other enquiries please use the contact form and we will aim to respond to you within 48 hours.

Additionally, there is a range of FREE information on our Fitness and Nutrition Blog for you to read through to help you get started! So check it out now!

Good luck on achieving your fitness goals!

Rachel Rowland

Director of Best of You Fitness Limited

Hey guys, I'm Rachel. I am the Personal Trainer for Best of You Fitness and I have been in and around the Fitness Industry for a few years. I have experience helping my clients achieve their goals by creating bespoke training and nutrition programmes for them.

The Six Week Booty Builder Package

The Booty Builder Package is for anyone who wants to build a stronger booty! Whether you want to create a curvy figure or build strength in your lower body then this package is for you! This Six Week Package gives you the best chance at changing your body shape to accentuate a larger and stronger booty! With a range of resistance and bodyweight exercises you will achieve the booty you want within no time!

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The Strength Package

Do you want to increase your strength but not sure where to begin or are you bored of your usual routine? This Strength Package is designed to push you to your limits and get you the results you desire within 8 weeks! The focus will be to ensure you increase you overall strength by focusing on key compound exercises (such as deadlift, chest press, squats etc), which will be coupled with mobility and supplementary exercises.

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The Four Week Weight Loss Package

Fed up of not being able to lose weight? This Four Week Weight Loss Package is designed to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Guaranteed to lose weight and notice differences to your physique within ONLY FOUR WEEKS!

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Personal Training Sessions

Are you based in or around the Bristol area and would like some training sessions in person? I am located at a state of the art, functional fitness gym in central Bristol with easy access by foot, car or train. All sessions will be bespoke to ensure you have the best chance to achieve your goals!

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Nutrition Plan

Do you want some help with your nutrition? Nutrition plans available for weight loss, muscle gain, performance based or lifestyle. Package price is based on a monthly basis (4 weeks) during which you will receive a specific nutrition plan designed for your requirements and goals, have weekly check ins to track progress and amendments of plan if required.

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How to achieve your goals with nutrition

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 Rachel has been amazing, listening to my needs and definitely saw improvement in my strength. She pushes you and makes you want to improve and be the best version of yourself each session. I went from one session a week to four because I wanted to see more improvement and enjoyed my training with Rachel."

Helena KulitskyPT Client

 Excellent plan which suited my needs/goals very well. Rach was excellent and really responsive/ happy to chat through the many questions I had. Will certainly use again and recommend to others! :)"

Oli MacraeOnline Programmes

 When I saw Rachel I hadn't been to the gym in a very long time, so I was a little nervous to get back to it again, but Rachel put me at ease and she worked with me, showing me the safe and correct ways of using a wide variety of equipment and she set up a plan for my leg day and sent a copy to me so that I can remember the routine. I loved every minute of it, Rachel is a good Personal Trainer and will be back for sure again :)"

Lauren McGavinPT Session & Programming
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Booty Builder Package (6 Weeks)

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4 Week Weight Loss Package

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Nutrition Plan (4 Weeks)